The Ghost Ship

Kate Mosse
Tuesday 17 October 2023
St Mary’s Barnes

The Barbary Coast, 1621. A mysterious vessel silently rides the swell. She is known only as the Ghost Ship. For these past months, her crew has fought to liberate those enslaved by corsairs. But the two bravest mariners on board are not who they seem. And the stakes could not be higher: if captured, they will be hanged for their alleged crimes…

Kate Mosse’s new novel is an epic tale of courageous women battling to survive in a man’s world, of vengeance and breathtaking peril on the High Seas, of long-buried family secrets and a love story spanning three generations. The Ghost Ship is the third novel in the best-selling The Joubert Family Chronicles but can be read as a standalone. It was partly inspired by the real-life stories of the 18th century pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

The Founder of the Women’s Prize for Fiction and recently launched Women’s Prize for Non-Fiction, Mosse is an award-winning novelist, playwright, memoirist and non-fiction writer. Her most recent feminist non-fiction book, Warrior Queens and Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World (October 2022), was the basis for a one-woman theatre show, touring UK venues from 28 February-12 April 2023, in which Mosse celebrated the lives of extraordinary, brilliant, trail-blazing and heroic women from throughout history whose names deserve to be better known.