Jeremy Paxman
A Life in Questions
25 October 2017

Jeremy Paxman is, quite simply, the greatest political interviewer of our time. His name has become synonymous with the probing, incisive, interviewing technique familiar to viewers of Newsnight over many years which has terrorised politicians and posers of all colours. Having stepped back from regular, front-line interviewing, Jeremy has written an autobiography, A Life in Questions, which demonstrates that he did not leap instantly into media stardom but served his journalistic apprenticeship reporting from the trouble spots of the world including Central America, the Middle East and Northern Ireland. It then recalls his time as a presenter on Tonight, Panorama and the Six O’Clock News, his emergence as our premier political interviewer and, with his 22 years on University Challenge, the longest serving active quizmaster on British television.

Throughout, he brings to his writing the same wit, articulacy and impatience with humbug and hypocrisy so evident in his interviewing style. Unafraid to provoke and antagonise he has made his share of enemies but, with the honesty to view his own idiosyncrasies with the same quizzical eye as the individuals and institutions he describes, his book is a fascinating account of the life of a man whose interests spread far beyond politics and the media as evidenced by his writing and film making on art and history.

Rarely seen in the interviewee’s chair, Jeremy will be questioned by Barnes’ own Kate Silverton, whose understanding of the complex interplay between politics and broadcasting is second only to Jeremy’s own.