Gillian Slovo
Ten Days
24 January 2018

Gillian Slovo is a novelist, playwright and memoirist. Although a long-term resident of the UK her roots are in Africa and specifically South Africa where her parents were prominent members of the anti-apartheid movement. Forced into exile they continued the struggle from abroad until Gillian’s mother was assassinated by the South African security services.

So perhaps it is not surprising that Gillian has been drawn to the turbulence in our own society in her writings. Her research for her play The Riots, based on the London riots of 2011, involved interviews with rioters, residents, police and politicians, all with their own perspectives on the events. This in turn led her to an exploration of the events in the form of a novel, Ten Days. Described as ‘House of Cards meets Homeland’ it combines a documentary feel with the elements both of a thriller and a sophisticated political novel all set against the backdrop of a searing London heatwave.  Triggered by the death at police hands of an innocent man, the drama of a midsummer riot connects the top and bottom of society, from the Home Secretary to a single mother on a council estate.

Gillian has been prominent in the community of writers. She is a former president of the English branch of PEN, the international organisation of writers dedicated to advancing the cause of free expression and in 2013 was a winner of the Golden Pen award for a lifetime’s distinguished service to literature.