Looking for something to occupy your evenings this summer? How about a book binding course.

Wurkshop is a new venture in Barnes that aims to teach skilled arts and crafts to both children and adults.

Mark Cockram is a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, who spends his days restoring ancient classics or binding Man Booker winners. For three Tuesday evenings this Summer, you can join him to learn how to make your own beautiful book, from scratch.

The sessions will include folding your own paper, hand sewing the pages and creating the cloth spines. You will learn how to use traditional book binding equipment such as a finishing press and Grecquage (a fascinating Ancient Greek method of positioning). Mark will also teach you how to use flottage – ink in large trays of water – to decorate your book’s front cover.

As Mark puts it: ‘Within the book, an infinitely complex array of materials and techniques come together and combine with a history as rich and diverse as we who create and use it’.

Workshop is situated in the Mews behind Arte Chef, in the heart of Barnes. You can book via the website: http://www.wurkshop.co.uk/adults/