October 2007: Michael Holroyd
‘6 Characters in Flight from an Author’ – A Writer’s Laboratory Experiment
Discussion on a new work on Henry Irving and Ellen Terry

November 2007: Julian Fellowes and Barbara Baker
In Conversation about Script Writing

January 2008: Andrew Marr
Political Journalism – ‘A Proud Trade’

February 2008: Adam Sisman
Literary Friendships – The Poetic Friendship 
of Wordsworth and Coleridge

March 2008: Visit to The Women’s Library, London

March 2008: John Davie and Actors
Shakespeare and the Classics

April 2008: Visit to Globe Theatre

May 2008: ‘Getting Published’
Sally Gaminara (Publishing Director with Bantam Press) 
and Julian Alexander (Literary Agent)

June 2008: Canapés with Cameo Opera 
Songs from Opera and Musicals