The BLS is very pleased to give you more information about a new literary venture that the BLS is happy to support, taking place in Barnes this Autumn.  On the 1st October tickets went on sale for the inaugural Barnes Book Festival.  The brainchild of a heady mixture of a Barnes local (the indefatigable Anne Mullins), the Friends of St Mary’s Church (spearheaded by the redoubtable Andrew Summers), the Barnes Bookshop and Simon Heffer (the historian, political commentator and all-round good egg).  The speakers are all titans in their field: Gyles Brandreth, Bob Champion, Andrew Graham-Dixon, Richard Harries, Simon Heffer, Michael Morpurgo, Edwin Mullins and Salley Vickers.  With tickets limited due to Covid19 restrictions, we urge you to book early whilst you can at the Barnes Bookshop or online at TicketSource (