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fish bus appeal 2

As an established part of the life of the village, we at the BLS listened carefully to the Barnes Community Association when they asked for our help with an important local project. They have launched an appeal for £30,000 to complete the purchase of a replacement community mini-bus.

You’ll probably have seen a FiSH bus around the village: accessible transport is one of the services which FiSH provide for elderly and vulnerable people who live in the Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen districts of Richmond on Thames. Last year, 10,271 passenger journeys were made, ferrying people between their home and the Barnes Green centre, on shopping trips and on group outings. There’s a team of nearly 300 volunteers, trained, supported and coordinated by one full and three-part time staff, in an organisation which has been operating for more than 50 years.

One of the buses is now due for replacement - at a cost of £60,000. In the past, FiSH have been able to rely on matched funding, but this time it will not be available. The bus has been ordered and FiSH are prepared to dip into their reserves to pay the balance.

After looking closely at this concern, the BCA judged that the Barnes community could assist by raising the £30,000 required, leaving untouched the reserves that FiSH are required to hold. The BCA-FiSH Bus appeal was launched on 1 February, aiming to raise the funds before the new bus is delivered at the end of March.

If you can, please donate so that instead of being isolated and lonely, the people who have come to rely on FiSH transport can continue to be part of our community.  For printable details of how you can contribute please CLICK HERE.